Question... are the 5-star reviews that can be seen on Amazon about the 1 Habit books believable ?  We don't know, but we will present some information here for your review, and you can make up your own mind. 

First, lets revisit the "#1 best seller" claim being boasted on the Amazon site.  Is it accurate ?  The reason we start (or revisit) that issue here is, it might be best to understand and consider ALL the evidence in totality.  Each false claim gives rise to question the next.  If Mr. Samblis is being untruthful about 1 item... can you really trust the rest of the claims he makes?

This is a screen scrape (from the site) of one of the 1 Habit books on the Amazon site.  The claim of "#1 BEST SELLER" can't get much bigger or bolder.  

1HabitBestSeller 2

And here is an updated book screen grab from Amazon.  Notice the "Best Seller" gold "seal" has been added to the cover.  Also notice that 5 of the buyers were so disappointed with the book... they apparently went through the hassle of returning it.  Now there are returned copies for sale.

1HabitBestSeller 6


Now, scroll on down the page to the Product Details section and you will see the data in the graphic below.  At the time/date of this posting (7/27/2020) you will see that the actual ranking of the book is 6,449,504.  Yes, you read that right... the book is actually ranked LOWER than a tad bit less than 6.5 millionth place.  WOW... a little bit from "#1 Best Seller" status.  With such a low current ranking, could it have EVER been a #1 Best Seller ???  To verify the current ranking simply search the Amazon site using the ISBN number of 13:978-1087806105.

1HabitBestSeller 3

So... is the prominent display of "#1 Best Seller" accurate ?  It would appear not.  And if not, WHY would someone make such a bold statement like that if it were not true ???  Seems disingenuous at best, and fraudulent at worst, specially if it was done to mislead the prospective buyer into buying the book using false information.

Now... lets move into the "Reviews" of the book(s).  We ask here again... are they believable ?  Again, we present the data, and you decide based on the evidence presented.

Most of the reviews listed across the books are about 4.6 or higher.  On the surface this would seem like the book(s) are well received and readers really liked them.  But... lets peek under the surface just a little and see what we discover.  Just a note here, there is only one book that has double-digit reviews (26), the next closest book only has 8 reviews, and the rest less than that.

From the World's Happiest Achievers book, there are 26 reviews (remember, this is supposedly a #1 Best Seller book, and only 26 reviews).  If you click to display the 5-star reviews you will see the below illustrated review by Diane Kennedy.  Notice the date of the review.  Now, if you click on the name Diane Kennedy you can see all of the reviews she has written on all the products she has reviewed... i.e. her history of reviews in total.

1HabitBestSeller 4


1HabitBestSeller 4b

Notice that the  listing of reviews she has done are in chronological order.  Scroll down and find the date area of October 27, 2019.  Notice anything missing ?  Yes, the review that appears on the book review page, is NOT listed in her history of reviews.  On one of her book reviews dated January 3, 2020, she wrote two other reviews the same day yet the Samblis book review doesn't show up in her history listing.  Weird right ?  What would explain this ?  We don't know, but just keep that little tidbit in mind as you continue here.

(BTW... we reviewed several other reviewers and the same phenomenon holds true, i.e review is missing from their history of reviews)

Now... lets explore... could some, many, or all the reviews be fake ?  How would that even be possible ?  Well, review the following:

1HabitBestSeller 5

Just do a search on Google (or your search engine of choice) using the search phrase "how to buy fake reviews on amazon" and see what's returned.  The number of sites offering services of creating reviews on Amazon was shocking.  The site shown below offers review "Likes" for a little as $1.00 each.  A "like" on a review increases its page ranking, and also indicates to the reader that others found that review beneficial.  A lot of "likes" on a 5-star review likely induces the reader to make a purchase.  What if some, many, or ALL the likes were fake ???

1HabitBestSeller 5b

Additionally... you may want to review the following article.  A cautionary word here though... you may never look at Amazon reviews the same ever again.

 Now... lets revisit Diane Kennedy.  

You will notice that on the book 100 Habits from the World's Happiest Achievers that Sharon L. Lechter is listed as a co-author.  You will also notice in the below graphic that the same Sharon Lechter has written her own book entitled Pay Fewer Taxes Legally.  Guess who narrates Ms. Lechter's book... none other than Diane Kennedy.  It would seem the two women are business associates.  Would it be unreasonable to think (assume maybe) that Ms. Lechter asked Ms. Kennedy to post a vary favorable review of the World's Happiest Achievers book ? 

1HabitBestSeller 4d

So... reviewing this data, do you believe the reviews on any of the Steven Samblis 1 Habit books ???   Keeping in mind the facts about the boasting (some would say misrepresentations) over the #1 Best Seller claims, is anything Mr. Samblis tells you believable ?  As they say... funny thing about facts - they don't care about feelings.  Folks might want to be careful when spending their hard-earned money on books by Mr. Samblis, specially based on any promotional claims made.