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Here he is: (this is a photo from his arrest record)

 Steven Samblis mugshot

HERE and HERE and HERE is the arrest record:  And actual court document HEREDomestic Violence cases (4 of them) HERE (Case Type 06D)   Visit HERE for individual case details (place Samblis, Steven in the Last Name and First Name boxes, then hit Submit button, then click any of the case numbers on the left to see individual case details)  It also might be helpful to review THIS recent study.  Also, keep in mind regarding the domestic violence charges... this happened many years ago.  Many years ago domestic violence was not what it is today.  Today, domestic violence is just about anything the accusor says it is.  Back then, domestic violence had to be something (by today's standards) VERY serious.  We have no way of telling how serious Mr. Samblis actions were, but given the history of domestic violence in general, and how it has evolved, you can draw your own conclusions. Also note, although there are 4 incidents recorded, the ones where Mr. Samblis is the "Petitioner", it can't be ruled out that they may have been a retaiitory action. 

HERE are the filings for his old company Imagination TV (formally IC Places)

HERE is his (12-page) FINRA Broker Report

Here are the SEC public filings for his current company Envision Media Partners, Inc   CIK#: 0001708159

Apparently his newest endeavor is selling books on the internet and Amazon.  One of his newest companies is called 1 Habit Press, Inc.  aka 1 Habbit.   In this book (with 10 "authors" according to the Amazon listing) Mr. Samblis recommends to you... get this... how to be successful.  Given his LONG history of business, why would anyone take advice from someone with his history in business ???  There is a series of books, all sharing the root title of "1-Habit".  As in 1 Habit from the World's Happiest Achievers, and 1-Habit to Beat Cancer... in essence, 1-Habit to ANYTHING.  This is the same concept he has been using for years.  This concept started with IC Places.  Continued with the "Killer Buzz" concept.  Now he has moved on with books.  He certainly is a marketer... gotta give him that.  However if you research his history of legal issues, you will see a pattern there also.  Apparently he promises (markets) things to business associates, then fails to deliver on those promises.  One can only guess if more legal problem aren’t on the horizon with regard to promises made to contributors and “co-authors” of this book series.  Does a leopard change it's spots ???

Mr. Samblis files for Bankruptcy HERE and HERE.

Mr. Samblis files for Bankruptcy a second time HERE


Then DEFAULTS on the agreed-to repayment plan, HERE


Mr. Samblis's SEC complaint HERE. [Note on the 2nd bankruptcy (doc page #19), Mr. Samblis still hadn't paid the SEC fine he was ordered to pay in January of 1998) and also HERE.

Doing business with Mr. Steven Samblis... see how one of his previous associations went, HERE and HERE

With a related story HERE.


So... you have to ask yourself...does a leopard change its spots ?  People don't change who they fundamentally are.  With such a long history for Mr. Steven Samblis, there is certainly a pattern here, such that it is VERY UNLIKELY to change.  So... with such a checkered past as this, Mr. Samblis apparently feels he can suggest to you how to be successful.  Perhaps... the 1Habit you should really learn from Mr. Steven Samblis, is he is not someone you should be taking advice from, or going into business with.